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Marianne Bergenholtz, Curriculum Vitae

B.S. Communications, summa cum laude, Clark University

Marianne has worked in the graphic arts profession in a hands-on capacity since 1989,
providing high end design, copywriting, editing and support services to the advertising,
corporate communications and book publishing trades during the
crucial period of evolution from photographic film and lithographic
plate reproduction to the now more predominant digital print media.

Bergenholtz established and operated two technical firms.

1989 to 2001. Brady & Berg, Inc., a communications and graphic arts company,
was one of the first service bureaus to provide digital color separations
used in composite page layout design and film output and electronic page imposition, substantially cutting prepress prep time and overhead.
Brady & Berg was also the first service bureau to specialize in converting digital rgb photographs to cmyk providing digital color correction services for prepress separation prior to film generation. Bergenholtz has trained many graphic artists, typesetters and prepress operators in multiple graphics software programs and works cross-platform Macintosh to Windows. She established Brady & Berg as a Quark Authorized, Adobe Authorized, and Aldus Partnership, meeting the highest standards of these software companies. Marianne also assisted AGFA as a BETA site for developing the newest imagesetters, RIPS and software upgrades through 1998, assisting engineers in developing upgrades compatible with line screen development in graphic arts software for prepress output.

1998 to 2003. Media Tech Pros, Inc., a technical services company operated as an Internet Services Provider providing e-mail and DNS programming and web hosting and design to business customers, high-speed ISDN connections, innovative off-site computer back-up services and LaserFiche document imaging and scanning services. MTP also provided Help Desk support on MicroSoft products regarding e-mail and website building through its SPin program (Strategic Partnership on the Internet), partnering with corporate clients in their development of online graphics and marketing presence. Marianne is fluent in Domain Name Server (DNS) Programming as well as website and online questionnaire and marketing development.

Marianne's design sensibility and her expert color sense combined with her aptitude for the technical generation of ideas has assisted her in bringing award winning design support to many of her clients through a keen ability to adapt conceptual art and marketing ideas to finished print and online projects.

When not designing professionally, she devotes her love of color and color mixing to oil painting and the direct use of color pigment from the oil painter's palette to canvas
en plein air
in the Newfound Lakes Region of New Hampshire and in her studio in Worcester, Massachusetts.


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Marianne Brady Bergenholtz, Graphic Artist, Fine Artist, Contact: mare@mareberg.com

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