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B r a d y

B e r g e n h o l t z


N e w  E n g l a n d 

F i n e  A r t i s t


h o m e

b i o g r a p h y

c o n t a c t

A self-taught fine artist, Marianne paints for the love of the color process.

Marianne utilized her keen visual color sense
in the graphic arts profession for many years,
 providing high end color separation and color matching services
to the advertising, corporate communications and book publishing trades
during the crucial period of evolution
from photographic film and lithographic plate reproduction
to the now more predominant digital print media.

She established and operated two technical firms,
Brady & Berg, Inc. and Media Tech Pros, Inc.
from the late 1980's thru the early 2000's.

She now devotes her love of color and color mixing to oil painting
and the direct use of color pigment from the oil painter's palette to canvas
en plein air
in the Newfound Lakes Region of New Hampshire
and in her studio in Worcester, Massachuetts.


Copyright Artist   Reproduction in full or in part prohibited
without express written consent of artist
Marianne Brady Bergenholtz, New England Fine Artist, Contact: mare@mareberg.com

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